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Digital Signage

The Revolution of Brand Visibility with Fast Click Advertising


Signage is an integral part of the environment in human daily life. However, people usually are not conscious of the importance of signage. From the word go, when one gets out of the house, these signages are welcoming, guiding, and directing us through the maze of the streets, telling us about businesses around. In some cases, they even impact what we perceive of a place.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at why signage is important in its many forms and how it helps us interact with our environment. Think of your last visit to a busy city or entering a vast building complex. Chances are, you used the signages to find your way around. Signage serves like a quiet guide, properly, efficiently, and with less effort leading us to the right places. Whether it may be those clear directional signs at airports, informative plaques in museums, or lively storefront signs at shopping districts, signage comes to man’s aid in navigation.

Signage goes much more beyond the simple task of navigation. It has become a very powerful tool of communication and branding. A good sign is that which can not only deliver information but also leave a striking impression on the readers. Fast click Advertising, one of leading signboard companies in Dubai, specializes in making all kinds of signboards that contribute to the appeal and class of your business and brand. We offer complete signage and signboard services.

Exploring the Spectrum: The Diverse Types of Signage Crafted by Fast Click Advertising

From the unique logos littered in corporate headquarters to the peculiar banner signs out front of local cafes, each has its very own personality and values, whether big or small. Some of the most common kinds of signage are:

Wayfinding Signs These are the signs that point out directions and navigations to people in unfamiliar environments. They include maps and arrows that point to the different destinations.

  • Informational Signs: The name itself very clearly suggests that these types of signs will consist of important details about a place, event, or an object that is being placed at a certain location. This could either mean some historical fact, or an instruction.
  • Signs for Advertising: These are the signs, including posters, banners, and digital displays, put up to advertise products, services, or events.
  • Identification Signs: These are the signs that aid a person in identifying a building, an office, or the location of a room in general overview. Some of these have numbers, names, or symbols to enable easy recognition.
  • Safety Signs: Safety signs are important, warning, or instruction signs, indicating to the public or others the potential dangers. The major areas include fire exits, hazardous materials, emergency procedures, and the like.

Fast Click Advertising provides a wide range of outdoor and indoor signage packages in all the above-mentioned categories to suit the needs of our customers. Our unique dynamic styled signs increase the chance of attention from audience for an extended period of time.

The Evolution of Signage: From Traditional Sign Development to an Innovative Solution

Advancement in technology has changed the scopes of signage to evolve from the traditional static displays to digital signage, for example, includes dynamic content with videos, animations, and real-time updates. In such a way of advertising, it enhances the degree of interaction and flexes for one to place any kind of information. Yet the traditional methods have their significance intact.

Outdoor Signage

In the fast world of business, where competition is at its fiercest, there is a real need to stand out. Amongst all the digital and virtual landscapes, there remains a place for a traditional tool that has not lost its power in communication—outdoor signage.

Outdoor signage is a type of physical display, which is put outside in different sections of the outdoor environment in order to attract an audience, pass a message, and promote branding. From towering signboards and dazzling banners to elegant monument signage and flamboyant storefront displays, outdoor signage has it all.

Outdoor signage is the board kept outside being used in general as navigators or guides to help us show the correct way to reach the desired location. It is also used for brand visibility.

In the business world, every company is desirous of making its own identity different from other companies. These sign boards make an identity for many companies. Outdoor signage works as a powerful way to attract people through its unique colors, antique graph, and text made on it.

Whether it’s interactive LED screen or inspiring signage banner design, Fast Click Advertising does a mind-blowing job in designing the outdoor signage that sets your business apart. We also recommend to you the outdoor place where your signage could be easily viewed and accessed. Fast Click Advertising designs are being modified from day to day because of our trained staff that can make any design in a dynamic way as per customer need.

Neon signage

In such a dynamic and lively city as Dubai, definitely, the business community will come with the signage giving a totally different and vivacious look to encourage the interest of customers. Neon signage refers to signs that are prepared by neon gases filled tubes which give light upon discharging electric current. They become popular for their resolution, vibrant colors, and eye-catching glow. They are mainly used for decorative features, logo showing, and advertising.

Neon sign manufacture is a very interesting process that needs craftsmen and artists. Fast Click Advertising has developed a designing and production team that ensures preparing signage according to business needs with bright color combinations and the best quality material to enhance the brand image, appealing to customers.

Digital signage

Welcome to the era of digital signage. Today, boards are written with LED lights or screens to deliver messages or brand advertisement. The text and displays over this series of boards are controllable through remotes to change. The dynamic digital signs of today’s age are replacing static signs, as they are more dynamic, innovative, and give an attractive look.

The digital signage is very popular and thus highly in demand among a number of companies because of the reason that it has got fabulous designing, colored, versatile, flexible, and its effectiveness. It finds its applications in areas like airports, malls, highways, and educational institutions. The dynamic content, in most cases, is used for brand promotion, advertisement of different products, and showcase of digital displays. The best advantage of it is to provide content dynamically. Its best ability is also used for brand promotion, advertisement of various products, and showing digital displays.

At Fast Click Advertising, we put forward a variety of affordable packages to make it interesting for you to be part of Digital Signage. Our product is 100% effective and can catch the eye of customers with the help of signboards due to its aesthetic designs, vibrant color choice, best material quality, and its complete service package.


Signage is much more than to be just a collection of symbols and letters. It represents one basic part of the built environment, creating experiences and interactions within very essential lines.

Whether nudging through unknown streets or reinforcing brand identity, signage matters in both navigation and perception of surrounding environment. So, every time see a signage, let’s be aware of its contribution to our being, for it is indeed a silent strong influence in our lives. At Fast Click Advertising, whether you need signage for your storefront, a promotional event, advertisement or your brand’s products, our team is prepared to get best solutions for you.

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